Eggplant Buns

I’m becoming addicted to working out & eating healthy which seems so crazy to me. Of course I’ll have my occasional cheat meal or two but usually only on weekends & I definitely portion it out. I had an amazing turkey burger at one of my fave local restaurants, Steve’os, & decided to cook up a turkey burger of my own. Obviously it did not come close but hey it was delicious, I did however ditch the buns & used eggplant instead. Check out the¬†recipe below…


1 medium eggplant

lean turkey burger

Dash garlic & herb seasoning

olive oil

1 avocado

your choice of toppings



Slice eggplant into 1/5 piece & sprinkle with salt, pepper & olive oil.

Throw on the grill for about 7 min on each side.

Season turkey burger with Dash seasoning, or whatever you prefer & grill until fully cooked.

Burger is complete, add your toppings, sides & you’re all set!




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