Omelette on the Go 

Another round of a quick & easy recipe for those mornings where you don’t have much time for anything! Found this recipe of course on Pinterest & had to give it a try.  Introducing the omelette in a mug:

What you’ll need:

2 egg whites

1 egg

chopped tomato

chopped onion

chopped kale

(any other vegetables you would like to add)

shredded cheese, I used muenster cheese

1 mug




 Place all ingredients into a microwaveable safe mug.


Place mug into microwave for 30 seconds then take it out & stir the ingredients again.

Place back into microwave for another 60 seconds. Let set for a few seconds, & top of off with shredded cheese!

I enjoyed my quick breakfast with some grapefruit for some extra Vitamin C to keep me energized throughout the day; so delicious & so easy! Try it out with turkey, bacon, or cheddar cheese, the possibilities are endless!





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  1. Cool idea! Never thought of omelettes in a mug!

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