Sneak Up

Alright I’m pretty sure I’ve covered all the footwear I’ve received for my birthday except these Jordan’s! So if you ever read my previous posts, I was never really into sneakers just because 1. I’m short (5’4″) & 2. I felt like I looked frumpy in them since I have big ol thighs lol, but I finally said fuck it & now I’m pretty obsessed with sneakers ❤ (my bank account is hating me so much though). So the last pair of shoes I got were these Air Jordan’s <3. The color combo is so perfect & I’m beyond excited that I own them now! I had to feature this look with the bf since he spoiled the shit out of me with new kicks <3. Super casual outfit w/ this bralette I got from Forever 21. I wanted it to show a little so I paired it with this mesh top for a bit of sex appeal lol.



You can snag both sneakers at Kicks Society EP over at the Fountains!


outfit details

On Him: Top & Sneakers: NIKE Joggers: Pacsun Bracelet: Mister

On Her: Top: Don’t remember lol Bralette: Forever 21 Jeans: Target Sneakers: NIKE (Kicks Society EP)



photos by: @Helena.y.c


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