Alright lovers, I’m busting out with the cliche New Years Resolution & attempting to lose weight & tone up. I won’t post too much about it but I will keep you updated on my progress. I’m not trying to bulk up #gains but I would just like to lean out a little. Nothing crazy, just your average girl looking for fun workouts, easy recipes & cute workout gear just to keep a healthy lifestyle. I’m not going to lie, this holiday season was killer! Tamales on the daily & no fucks given… until my clothes started to feel a little snug lol.

I hate working out, well not hate but I much rather sleep in than wake up early to go to a gym thats crowded with the gals who are completely done up & the gents who grunt & flex 80% of the time they’re there. I’m not hating, I mean power to them for going & looking good but geez doesn’t the make up clog up your pores &  how can you wear your hair down lol!?

Anyway, join me as I begin to conquer the healthy lifestyle & pray I gain some sort of energy & abs along the way. I’m starting my workout regime with some running & PIYO. I heard of PIYO through a friend who showed a ton of results so I figure why not! No weights & the workouts are pretty fast. I don’t have to set a side an entire hour to do it. I promise I’ll be honest whether I stayed with the program & if I add any other work out routine. As far as my diet, I’ll discuss that another day lol.


Alright enough rambling, you all know how this resolution goes!




Details Sports Bra: Target Leggings: Fabletics Water Bag: HLZBLZ

Happy New Year lovers ❤



*Sheerstomping does not represent or endorse PIYO or the results of the 60-day program. Results may vary, depending on how lazy you or I may get throughout the program. I am simply trying this out & was not contacted or compensated for said program.



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  1. If my New Year’s reso hadn’t been to eat more pie……lololol…loving that water bag though.

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