Put in Work

Saturday morning at the track followed by some amazing breakfast made by yours truly.  I went a good 8 hours of being healthy which was quickly ruined by wings for dinner then a 2 am stop at Chicos….. totally fucked with my “fitness kick start” of the week lol. I swear one of these days I’ll be really dedicated….. I just love food way too much ♡. #nomz Summer body for Winter is my next goal; I have a few new things I’ll be introducing to my blog so I hope my readers are ready ♡.


From the morning to the evening

Let the world listen, if a hater’s caught slippin

Fakes try to mimic…


Downtown lovin when the moon comin


Dress: Express Jacket: SheInside Trainers: Camper x Bernhard Willhelm from Solestruck Cuff: Thrift Watch: Michael Kors


Better slow down [I’ll] feel it in the morning
Ain’t the kinda girl you’ll be seeing in the morning
Too damn raw ain’t no nigga worth [my] holding
Ain’t no nigga that [I’m] holding man [my] love is too damn foreign
Look at all that money the money is the motive
Girl put in work




Saturday tunes: The Weeknd



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  1. Nice outfit. You’ve got a really nice blog hun, do check mine out and let me know what you think. x

  2. First off, I’m seriously in love with this outfit. I also totally understand about loving food, but still trying to eat healthy (hardest thing ever!). Can’t wait to keep reading your blog.

    Come take a look at my blog, 🙂


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