Xmas Needs

Christmas List:

last minute shopper describes me during every holiday season.  i hope for an item to go on sale & when it does, its all out of the size i need or out of stock completely. i told myself id buy things throughout the month of nov & early dec but it never happens. i’ve bought 3 gifts just need 4 more to go lol.

as for my long list of wants/needs, check out what i hope to unwrap Christmas morning. <3














Whats on your list?




doing D E N I M



when I’m alone
I don’t need you
I love my touch
know just what to do




so I tell myself it’s cool, to get my kicks like you, just like you
I just touch myself & say
“I make my own damn way”
own damn way


Alexander Wang drops his 1st ever denim collection & just like everything else he does, it’s amaze & I’m obsessed! These campaign photos are so fuckin sexy, I can’t help but want every single pair. Lounging around, denim down to my feet & having some time alone.

Preorder: Alexander Wang
Model: Anna Ewers
Photography: Steven Klein
Collection: 3 Cuts & 3 Washes



Wednesday Tunes:

p.s please excuse my lack of posting, I have some exciting new things coming up <3 I promise you wont be disappointed!

♢Don’t Sweat It ♢

I’m never one to go all out for Halloween, I usually make something last minute with things I already have. Last year I busted out my HS sophomore yr cheerleading uniform (GO RAMS!). In this case, I raided my dad’s closet & came up with a little something.  I’m pretty much dressed like my pops. Take out the Converse, & add Jordans oh & his briefs don’t show lol.

Current mood: BALLER


[I] fly high, no lie, you know this.. BALLIN!


Foreign rides, outside, it’s like show biz



[I] stay fly, no lie & you know this


Hips & thighs, oh my, stay focused

Jacket & Socks: Nike Shorts & Sweat band: Jordan Sneakers: Converse Briefs: UNIF Tank: Target Wristband: Solestruck

What are you dressed as?



Make You Feel

Monday recap:

Driving through El Paso enjoying the views this city has to offer. Then we find the opportunity for a quick shoot. El Paso High tennis courts for a casual #ootd post, excuse us while we interrupt your practice.


Listen long, long enough you can love me
I’ll be just yours, you can hold me
Even let you undress my mind
Save it, play it, watch it then press rewind


I can give you what you need
I can make you feel alright


Breathe, breathe me in, taste my words, let me blow your mind
I will take you far, far away


I’ll make you feel alright
You’ve gotta crave it & chase it
Until you’re close enough to taste it
I can give you what you need


I was never picked last during PE & I pushed myself to try out new things. Cheerleading, track & wrestling: I stayed active, loved the competition, support, crew love…. I also enjoyed wearing tiny shorts & skirts. Win or lose, I kept my head up & to this day I don’t let the negative shit get me down. If I fail, I move on. Don’t be a bad sport in life, unless UNIF sells it.

Top: Body Central Shorts: Agaci Bad Sport Briefs: UNIF Sneakers: Kenneth Cole Sunnies: Manchot Jacket: H&M

Photos taken by Miss Melanie Jo: Stalk & follow her —> Mell_lo





Tuesday tunes:

Alina Baraz & Galimatias – Make You Feel

Something Smooth

Coming home after work & taking off your heels is pretty damn orgasmic! You know, like when you take off your bra? Yep it feels amazing. After work I had to head out & tutor but first I needed to switch my shoes. I grabbed my sneakers, posed for these photos & hurried out! lol


I was walking on clouds, seriously the most comfortable sneakers I own! S/o to Kenneth Cole for some dope ass cushioned insoles that saved my life.


Top: Marshalls Pants: H&M Sneakers: Kenneth Cole

A lazy Wednesday def called for a simple outfit, all black please.

Happy Thursday lovers!







You Guessed It


Weekend Photo #Diary::

Saturday dinner at Kona Grill, followed by good tunes at the LNSC House w/ Nancy Wang & Juan Maclean. I had to celebrate getting a new job so I treated myself to sashimi, sake bombs, dancing & some new shoes with the bf & friends<3. I bought some amaze Steve Madden mules & Kenneth Cole sneakers & I had to break a pair in, so naturally I went with the mules. Snagged the mules for 35.99 (original 89) & the sneakers for 19.99 (original 89), your girl did some bomb ass bargain shopping.

wpid-img_20141018_142230.jpg My outfit was super casual for a comfortable night out dancing, wore the heels from 9pm to 4am & the rest of the following day & they didn’t hurt at all.


Crop Sweater: Salsit Jeans: GAP Mules: Steve Madden Vest: Target Sunnies: Manchot


I am absolutely obsessing over this sweater & everything else thats on Salsit, super casual wear for the minimal girl in all of us. Check them out on IG (@salsitdotcom) they are always having amazing sales & I promise you will love their pieces.



you guessed it…. I’m still with my n***** come & test us.




walkin around with extra in my pocket Bitch you next to us, why the fuck are you next to us


I’m dealing with killer exhaustion thanks to this ridiculous weekend, but it was totally worth it!

Sunday: Still up from the night before, we headed to a friends apartment where more drinks were consumed & random activities began.


[we] see what you rockin & bitch you can’t dress with us


wpid-img_20141019_094224.jpg wpid-img_20141019_132429.jpg


We also had the grand idea of heading out to JandKpresent’s Sunday Brunch, so I had to raid my friends closet for somewhat of a decent outfit. The results:


This is what I look like with no sleep & unnecessary day drinking.  I wish I snapped a photo of everyone. We all wore his clothes but added our own style, we did a pretty good job lol. Shout out to Noel for the threads.

you guessed it, you was motherfuckin right




Happy Monday

Just Do It


Saturday: Day drinking just like old times mixed with moon shine cherries called for one long ass night. Its been a while since I’ve indulged in so much beer that I spent all of Sunday in bed and curing my killer hangover.


Shirt: NIKE (borrowed) Skort: Downtown EP Sandals: Nude Rope Sandals Sunnies: Manchot Cap: (I’m actually a Seahawks fan)

I said it must be, cause a n**** got dough
Extraordinary swag & a mouth full of gold



Let’s take it to the basics
You in the midst the greatness…





I kept it super casual since I was not expecting to go out at all. I was in work out clothes all day & luckily I had this skort at his house which I paired with his Nike shirt. Simple outfit but I ended up really liking this sweet get up #props. Raiding a boys closet never fails ladies… trust me!



It’s just me, myself, & I & motherfuckers that I came with
Miscellaneous [bitches] wanna hate on me
Until I tell them to they face they ain’t no G
Low key, [bitches] mad cause I’m smooth puffin zig zag
Tell em quit the riff raff bitchin with yo bitch ass




Yes I’m the shit, tell me do it stink?




So sorry for the lack of outfit posts, to be honest I’ve become super lazy but I’m back at it I promise <3 I’ve bought a few things that I cannot wait to style up! Happy Monday lovers!



Update on my wants & needs <3… you know how it is lol. This week, anything in the “New Arrival” section & I’m currently drooling over everything.


Nasty Gal 

Style Runner




Happy Hump Day



I may have a serious issue considering I find a ton of things I want, & when I actually shop… I don’t buy anything on my growing list lol. I had a very intense shoe shopping week (my Nasty Gal shoes come in today!!! <3 ) so I will hold off on buying heels for a while. Now its time to stock up on Fall essentials, it was a chilly morning & I don’t have much to choose from so this will be mainly coats & jackets w/ a few other must haves <3.

Nasty Gal

Front Row Shop

Pretty Little Thing





Its probably been a few weeks maybe months, that I can remember, that I bought heels! This weekend I had some serious anxiety when I just didn’t want to wear any of the ones in my closet. So naturally on Sunday I had my fix at DSW which always has crazy sales! I was able to snag Michael Antonio, Jessica Simpson & BCBG Paris heels all for $110! I also have some adorable heels coming in from Nasty Gal so stay tuned for those babies <3.


Black: Michael Antonio Red: Jessica Simpson Blue: BCBG Sandals on my feet: Qupid

What I wore:


Tank: Without Walls Sweater: Forever 21 Leggings & Bag: Target Sandals: Nude Rope Sandals (Uncles Company)

Huge shout out to Without Walls for sending me this adorable racer back tank <3 Check out their amazing gym apparel I promise you will fall in love <3. I love the versatile use of their clothes: great for the gym or out & about running errands, in this case, shoe shopping!


wpid-20140927_102015_ingrid-2.jpgI tried out this gym look, uber comfy & if i had the will power I probably would have gone to do some yoga but shopping was enough cardio for the day.

Happy Monday <3